The Prediction of Earthquakes

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Can We Predict Earthquakes?

Is earthquake prediction possible?

Due to the rise of big data and AI earthquake prediction is becoming more and more possible. Although no one has 100% successfully predicted a major earthquake. Our research suggests that the eventuality of predicting an earthquake is only a matter of time. During our research, we have successfully begun predicting earthquakes up to 7 days before they occur with a 75% monthly accuracy rate and an 88% daily accuracy rate.

The success of our results is due to the deployment of our 3-part sensory system, combined with a competition we’re hosting, whereby we have invited universities, research centers, and experts in the fields of data science & seismology to build upon an algorithm that can use our live data to predict an earthquake’s occurrence, magnitude, and epicenter.

The AETA Competition

Our 2021 competition

2021 Prediction Competition 

From the 1st of January 2021, we have started a new competition, inviting teams from all over the world to participate in developing an algorithm designed to forecast earthquakes.

About AETA

What is the AETA earthquake forecasting project?

Rather 1000 days no earthquakes, than 1 day with no precaution

The Shenzhen Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction Technology Research Center of Peking University has developed a broadband electromagnetic disturbance and geoacoustic monitoring multi-component seismic monitoring and prediction system named AETA.

From 2016, 300 sets have been deployed in some of the most earthquake-active areas in China, of which 240 sets in Sichuan/Yunnan and neighboring provinces, and 60 sets in other areas. More systems will be deployed as soon as additional funding becomes available. Presently, 38TB of data has been collected, and 20GB of data is being collected daily.

Latest News

Hear the latest news about AETA.

The long-awaited earthquake forecasting competition has begun. Throughout 2021, the ambition is to increase this accuracy rate to over 90% and begin deploying the sensors globally.

A research team from Peking University began working on a system AETA, designed to forecast earthquakes days before they occur with promisingly accurate results.

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