Earthquake forecasting

Using big data and artificial intelligence to save lives and economic damage from earthquakes.

Is earthquake prediction possible?

Our science

AETA’s earthquake science is what stands us apart from numerous other companies across the globe.

The system is comprised of 3 separate units designed to be placed beneath the earth to record 97 variants of datasets.

We feed this data into our algorithm to detect anomalies before, during, and after an earthquake occurs, generating an over 72% accuracy rate for future earthquakes.

Accomplishments in the field of earthquake forecasting

Our achievements

Providing forecasts for the Chinese government since 2018 and have expanded our network across five earthquake-prone countries.

How do we protect ourselves from earthquakes?

How earthquake forecasting can help us?

The early warning system is the only system protecting us from earthquakes. These systems are not predictive-based technology and only offer up to 1 minute of warning time before an earthquake’s destructive wave causes damage. These systems are outdated, often unreliable, and are not viable long-term solutions.

Many use case applications

What our solution covers?

Seismic risk assessment

High level forecasting

Detailed forecasting

Detailed   forecasting

Who have helped in the development of earthquake forecasting?

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Shenzhen Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction Technology Research Center, Peking University | Shenzhen Shenchuang Valley Technology Service Co., Ltd.

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