AETA’s earthquake forecasting system vs other systems

Why is AETA’s solution a more efficient more sustainable solution to predict & forecast earthquakes?

There are numerous systems out there to assist in the event of an earthquake. However, there is not dedicated forecasting system deployed. Many of these existing systems are called alert systems. Alert systems have many fundamental flaws that will be outlined below. 

AETA’s solution is an earthquake forecasting system capable of forecasting an earthquake’s occurrence, magnitude, and epicenter up to 7 days in advance. This is achieved by using big data (collected by AETA’s 300+ sensory system) and AI.

Problems with other systems

Earthquakes have always been a worry in the back of many people’s minds, especially governments. Companies realized that forecasting earthquakes are a very difficult task, and so, designed alternative systems to assist in minimizing the loss of life. 

Among many systems, one that has been widely adopted is the pre-alert systems. When an earthquake occurs, an alert system will detect it and send a warning to people’s devices, giving them less than 90 seconds to prepare for its impact. 

There are already clear flaws in this system. An alert system can save a few citizens from injury, but incapable of ensuring the survival and protection of everyone. 

90 seconds is an impractical timeframe to make a real difference in the event of an earthquake. 

AETA’s solution offer DAYS in advance of warning. If we were to put this into a percentage then AETA’s solution offers a 287900% increase in warning time in comparison. This amount of time not only can ensure the survival of everyone within the affected region but provide governments enough time to close down vulnerable sites within the area.

The pre-alert system is an obsolete solution incapable of providing real application to the world. AETA can vertically integrate its application across numerous sectors such as other natural disaster areas, corporations, mining, research centers, and governmental insights. 

The AETA is here today, a new improved system designed to save thousands of lives, save billions of dollars in structural damage, and lead the world into a smarter, safer planet.