The Prediction of Earthquakes

Big data and AI saving lives,

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Can We Predict Earthquakes?

Is earthquake prediction possible?

Due to the rise of big data and AI earthquake prediction is becoming more and more possible. Although no one has 100% successfully predicted a major earthquake. Our research suggests that the eventuality of predicting an earthquake is only a matter of time. During our research, we have successfully begun predicting earthquakes up to 7 days before they occur with a 75% monthly accuracy rate and an 88% daily accuracy rate.

The success of our results is due to the deployment of our 3-part sensory system, combined with a competition we’re hosting, whereby we have invited universities, research centers, and experts in the fields of data science & seismology to build upon an algorithm that can use our live data to predict an earthquake’s occurrence, magnitude, and epicenter.

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Our 3-part Sensory System

An acoustic sensor, electromagnetic sensor, and terminal box

Our acoustic and electromagnetic sensors are buried 2 meters below the surface, with a cable connecting the two sensors to a terminal box that is placed above the surface.

Download our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to deploy and install our sensors 

How does it work?

Our technology


Deploy our sensors across seismic active areas/regions

Data Gathering

Data gathering minimum 6 months to collect enough data to train the algorithm


Begin receiving weekly/monthly forecasts. For governments & private companies

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